Send Outlook Mail Message for Dynamic Pdf Files

Hi guys,

I want to create process about sending dynamic pdf files to different person e-mail adresses to.

I create one excel file with name “brainofmails.xlsx” then create a loop with for each row from excel data to get file names and email contacts. But when ı try to send dynamic pdfs to different emails in excel file , there is nothing. I cant see mail results.

My process like this ;

I’m using this excel format for get datas from excel ;


1- Assign pdf files path to variable ;

2- Read Excel Datas in Excel Application Scope ;

3-For Each Loop ;

4- Attachment side for dynamic build ;

Thanks alot,
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maybe silly question but it is ensured that the email is not sent to

Dude , its’a sample :slight_smile:

sure but can happen :slight_smile:
in general your worflow looks fine on the first look
maybe you split the analysis

  • send only email without attachment
  • send email with hardcoded path
  • check again the fully dynamized implementation
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I already try this analyse method bro. But there is no fix yet :frowning: Is there any suggestion ?


when you attach the file, can you try this instead:


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Thank you so much, I fix it.

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