Send Outlook Mail Message - Error - Invalid mail sensitivity


Till yesterday I was able to forward an email using Send Outlook Mail Message activity. But today when I am testing I am getting below message.


Below is the screenshot of the Properties of Send Outlook Mail activity for ready reference:

Can you please help in this.


Hi @AnkitJain

Check with the below Threads!


No these are not carrying solution of my problem. Thanks

Hi @AnkitJain

Check Whether the mail id are in correct format

Print and Check its giving the correct format or not !

and Try giving .toLower in both Account value and To mail value!



Give a try as below

Hardcode the values instead of passing the in_Config and try

Hope this may help you


Actually nothing solved the problem. It looks there is some problem in the activity itself.
After lot of hit and trial when instead of using “Forward - MailMessage”, I added, in_Email.Subject.ToString in “Subject” and in_Email.Body.ToString in “Body” it worked perfectly fine !!!
Updating here, so that if some one else face same issue, they can get a solution.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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