Send Outlook mail message activity issue

Hi All,

i was using this activity before ,it was working fine.
But suddenly this is not working.
i found in the outlook lebels has been added while sending the mail for security purpose.
How to send mail in this case?
Attached the popup which is coming while running this activity.
i tried with click activity to select this one ,but it is not able to find the selector.

Kindly help.outlook-popup

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Kindly try image activity like CLIKC IMAGE and try once
Cheers @kumari_supriya

you can manipulate your Information Protection settings so that every time it is Restricted.

@WhenCutEsh kindly let me know how to do that


it managed by your organisation ask your technical support as you may have to login to azure settings.

Hi @kumari_supriya,
try to use Parallel activity, it works for me. Place SendMailMessage to the first (left) position and the sequence with Click activities to the right.