'Send outlook maeesage' activity throws timeout errors after upgrading to the latest packages

I see a timeout error while using “send outlook message”. This started happening to me after I upgraded my packages to 1.12.3. It was completely working fine with 1.10.× earlier. I tried to downgrade again to my older version of package 1.10.x and it still doesnt work.

Can someone help?

Just revert back to full lower version and try to see the behaviour @Krithi1

Hi @Krithi1

You can try workflow with below point:

1.Try to specified “Account” details as well in properties of Send Outlook mail activity.
2.Try to restart Outlook application on the environment.
3.Try with increase the timeout for the Send Outlook activity.

if still issue persist ,please provide screenshot of property panel of Send Outlook activity and workflow to understand it further.