Send Outlook Email activity issue: an HTML line has merged with my email body

Hi dear,

I am using send outlook Email activity with “IsHtmlBody” feature enable, I also used create HTML content to generate HTML body for my email, but when robot send the email there is a link of html code has merged with my main email body

any idea to solve this problem?

<humor style:programming> Examine HTML code and close brackets </humor>

write it here like that?

No no, friend. I was joking with you :smile:

Please show full html code (debug workflow, breakpoint before send mail, check html body value in locals panel).

I suspect there is an error in your html code, maybe we can fix it, if you show us


ok dear I will do that


this is the HTML generated code for that email

body { font-family: Calibri; }
    p {
        margin: 0;

    .mapping {
        background-color: #D3D4D7;
        color: black;
        padding: 1px;

<META content=IE=6 http-equiv=X-UA-Compatible>

Dear Team,


Insurance Dashboard Email Notifications process was finished for today, and all notification email was sent successfully to concern persons by robot.

- Please find attached file to see the notification's list which was sent today.


Best Regards,

Automation team.

Sorry when I past the code here it is converted to normal text so I will upload it in a file

kkk.txt (1.5 KB)

It looks to me like the inline CSS code between the <STYLE> and the </STYLE> tag does not get rendered.

Considering you have style definitions in every <p> tag, I would argue you don’t need the Style-Setting anyway.

Delete row 2 - 16 ( <STYLE> and </STYLE> tags and everything in between) and try again :wink:

How is it coming @Mohammed_Bakr?