Send Orchestrator Logs to nlog target based on Tenant Level

Hi, is it possible to create nlog targets in the web.config on a tenant level?
For example, send logs for Tenant A to Target A and logs for Tenant B to Target B?

Hi @thilbertz,
Could you tell us more. Are the tenants configured on same Orchestrator?

Assuming the two tenants are under the same orchestrator this should be possible.

As I remember, there are two very cool lines in the web.config file which show how UiPath has used a condition based logging for robot logs :heart_eyes:. Cant remember the line numbers currently.

The approach would be:

  • Getting the information about which Robot-Tenant is actively sending messages back to orchestrator server via the "${event-properties:item=tenantId}" variable.
  • Writing a Conditional in NLog which contains the logic you want to have (logging to a specific target given a tenant).

Resources on Syntax - The <When> NLog conditional:

  1. Stackoverflow
  2. NLog:Rules and Filters
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