Send multiple embedded images in Outlook email


Im trying to embed multiple images in Outlook mail and below is my code snippet. However, the outlook is embedding the first image(QB.png) in the attachment twice and ignoring the SLP.png. I’m have to use the cid and this email is being send to different user. Can anyone pls suggest the solution?

mail body
< html>ScreenshotChecks1<img src=‘cid:‘QB.png’’>
< html>ScreenshotChecks1<img src=‘cid:‘SLP.png’’>

Send Outlook email Message
Attach Files
in, String, “qb.png”
in, String, “slp.png”


Try this:


Thanks Nitin. I already tried that solution before posting. It only works for 1st image mentioned in the attachment. If there are 2 images then only the 1st image is embedded twice.

How about this How to add the images in SMTP mail body - #11 by vikasrawat911


I developed a package for this purpose. Try it in this link:
I hope that it can help you.

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Hi, could you check the link? It’s down.

Ok, done! Thank you!