Send message into Zoom Chat

Hello All,

So I have seen some examples of creating types of automations using the Zoom API to create meetings, etc. However, I have a use case where a user wants to send an automatic message into a zoom chat group. Example: if a robot errors out, the user will want to send a message into a chat group. If an orchestrated robot is executed, they want a message to go out to users to close specific files to avoid a “read only” type issue, etc.

I tried looking in the packages for a zoom message package but I couldn’t quite find anything. I am wondering if anyone can help me do this or point towards a package that has the activities.


To send API requests manually, you would use the http request activity in UiPath.Web.Activities package. This link should help

You need to install package UiPath.WebAPI.Activities to leverage HTTP Request Activity functionalities. It will enables you to perform HTTP requests to a specified web API.

More details on HTTP Request can be found in Uipath Official Documentation :

As far as sending message into a chat group or individual is concerned, explore/experiment here :face_with_monocle: :