Send mail activity got failed


I am using invoke workflow activity which will invoke send mail activity after processing record and send mail with predefined subject. Sometimes it is not sending any mail, of successful record processed. What could be the reasons? The logs got deleted automatically every day hence not able to see.please help.

Invoke send mail may have failed, why don’t you write logs to a file or DB to check what is failing ?

Alternative would be, save the details of successfully processed records in DB and write a separate bot to read DB & send mail.

Hi @Shirish,

If you are using Orchestrator, using Log message is a suggested good practice to track the progress of your workflow. Have you tried Debugging your process to see if it lands in the Send mail workflow or not.

I would also suggest using Try/Catch block and in the catch block use logging to capture the cause of the failure. I also send mail here, but since your Send mail workflow is not working, I suggest you start by debugging.