Send Lotus Notes - No attachment when isBodyHTML ticked

Hi All,

Send Send IBM Notes Mail Message does not attach files to mails when isBodyHTML is ticked.
Does it happen to anyone else?

Thank you!

this looks contrast buddy…enabling isBodyHTML wont stop attachment getting attached
kindly check once with the file path or attachment variable passed to this property in the Send IBM Notes Mail Message activity

Cheers @unyiattila

I am sure that I attached it properly, since ticking in/out the checkbox changes the activity’s behaviour (sending or not the attachment). If it works well on your computer then probably I have restrictions in my Lotus Notes application.
Do you have Lotus Notes or just stating that it should work fine? :slight_smile:

well i dont have lotus notes with my server right now…but i m sure that the issue is not because of isHtmlBody, as it relies on the body or the message of the mail and not on the attachment…thats why buddy
Cheers @unyiattila

@Palaniyappan I dont know why do you think that isBodyHTML cannot affect the whole component, sometimes simpler functions can couse a whole program not to run properly…
I asked people to try it, but not just theoretically :slight_smile:

So can anyone with Lotus Notes try this feature please?

Hi, I can confirm the described behaviour. Attachment is sent when the box is unticked and not sent when the box “IsBodyHtml” is ticked. Can anyone from UiPath confirm / acknowledge the issue?
Best, Thomas

Yes, same case.

When ticked “IsBodyHtml”, only IBM notes users can see the attachment.

I tried to read the same email by using iphone, and other web email, the attachment disappeared.

plz help…I’m not sure but I think this is because of the attachment MIME. any other way to insert the attachment in body instead of “adding attachment”?

I got the same issue on this.

Is there any advise to handle it?