Send key to terminal session



I’m developing a task in a terminal session of AS400, but when I send function keys as F11 it doesn’t recognize them. Can someone help me?

Thank you so much


Hello @marica_licciardello ,

I have done a bit of a project in AS400. TN5250 terminal.

I just used “Send Hotkey” and select the entire window. Just be careful of the selector if the terminal session changes.

Have you tried this?


Hi @Smith93,

how do I attach the window as the window appear only when I run the task in this virtualization?



Are you using terminal session activites in UIPath?

I have not used this one, as I had too many problems with it when developing.

So I programmed it like it was a citrix window without any recognizable elements.


Yes I’m using virtualization,
I tought it was better.


It should be.

I managed to solve it without.

Let me know how it works for you, and if you are able to solve it.


OK thank you so much for your help, I’ll try both ways.