Send hotkeys and type into activity in background

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I’m creating a word document using by send hot keys (ctrl+a, ctrl+c and other MS Word shortucts) and Type into activities. I wondered, it didn’t work when I locked my screen. I highly appreciate if you share your solutions.

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Vikas Kulhari

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Have you check Simulate Type/Click checked. Default method does not work in background. See this

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Thanks @PrankurJoshi, I’ve tried Simulate Type/Click and SendWindowMessage too. It’s not throwing any error however, it’s not working.

Attached xaml file for your reference.

Main.xaml (9.0 KB)

Hello @vikaskulhari you cant automate tasks with lock screen reference: Can front office robot run automated processes behind a lock screen

Thanks @AkshaySandhu, Agree, we can use unattended robot for this however, Simulate Type/Click and SendWindowMessage functionality should work with a unlocked screen. Can you please check, what is the issue with main.xaml. It’s not working with unlocked screen though.

@vikaskulhari check if this works for you… Main.xaml (10.1 KB)


It worked. However, If I check the "SendWindowMessage" for "Send Hotkeys", it doesn’t work.

image >> image


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yes @vikaskulhari some of the options work with some application but it might not work with others…
As for the case of SendWindowMessages - “This works only with applications that respond to Window Messages.” reference - - I guess MS Word is not one of them (I might be wrong).

Thanks @AkshaySandhu

Is there any way available to design (Headings, numbering, table, formatting) a word document in the background ?

Team #UiPath, could you please check this once?

@aksh1yadav @badita any suggestion about this please?

Thanks in advance.

In my knowledge best way will be to use the excel macro to create or edit the word file.
Just create a macro and execute it from UiPath
Couple of reference I found: