Send Hotkey works incorrectly with non-English languages


This is a reference to the problem I describe in this post: Unable to automatically change the keyboard layout

For example, I’m in a browser and I use a Send Hotkey putting “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “t” there. If I run my project and the keyboard layout is English then it works fine. If I run my project and the keyboard isn’t English it doesn’t work.

I tried to automatically switch the keyboard layout but I keep failing to do it. The method I used is described in the link above.

Does anyone have an idea what to do? This is a critical problem and I would like to solve it as fast as possible.
P.S. Pressing shift + alt or ctrl + alt to change the layout isn’t a way out.


How you try on-screen-keyboard or osk.exe ? You also need to manually add/change the keyboard and add the regional language at Windows.