Send HotKey problem with Qwerty / Azerty

Good morning,

I’m programming for a client an automate that collect data from the LinkedIn website, through Windows RDP.

My problem comes from the Send HotKey’s activity that I’m using to do Ctrl + L to access the browser navigation bar (that works), then I send the following string, via the Send Hotkey activity too: "".
On my part, the automate write successfully this string, in FRA (Azerty) and EN (Qwerty) Windows keyboard. But on my client side, (which is using a Qwerty keyboard on the remote machine, in comparison with my which is using an Azerty one). It tries to enter: "https>{{{messaging{". So instead of “:” it enters “>”, and instead of “/” it enters “{”.

Would you have please any idea what the problem could be / how to resolve it?

Thanks by advance
Benjamin Arthaud

Hi everyone,

would anyone know what the problem is please?