Send hotkey is not supporting, while trying to scroll down in excel

Hi All,

I have to click on print option and click on “No Scaling” dropdownlist and select “Fit all column in one page”.

But when page get fully loaded it have to scroll down and click on “No scaling” option. And I am trying to use send hotkey to scroll down but it is not supporting.


any suggestions??

Hi @shuklarchana001 ,

Normally, if the Excel window is in Maximized mode, we do not see the Scroll Bar for the Print.

Is the Window Maximised ?

Yes, but it will take time to loading if printer access or attached.


can you use the hover activity before clicking the element, so it will down automatically
also you can down using tabs, and try with the following secuence it works

please enable the modern experience

secuence for your reference
test.xaml (11.1 KB)


Use Simulate instead of Hardware Events, and then the UI Element doesn’t need to be visible to interact with it.

which version you are using.


please update your dependecies

however is just a simple secuence, just an use application/browser, select the excel file, and the drag an drop the mouse scroll activity, select direction to down, and scroll type to element, then select the element you need to scroll


this activity is not showing in activity panel. And I have updated dependencies still not visible

please click the filter icon and then activate show modern


@fernando_zuluaga I have tried as per solution but it is not scroll down.

it works for me, let me see your activity

I have used your test.xaml file

hey, worked?

No, it is not working

let me ask why you need to scroll down, as @supermanPunch said you can use the maximize window, and you dont need to use the hotkey

Can you suggest for maximize window? How I can use


if you are using the modern experience, use the use application/browser activity, in the options section, select close and open property to never, and in the resize window to maximime like that

for classic experience use the attach browser activity and inside drag and drop the maximize window activity like that


I use the same still not useful. And If use without modern activity still not work

Hi @shuklarchana001

Why you need to scroll down in excel ?

Instead of scrolling down try to use click activity

Indicate the Browser in the screen

After that Use Type into activity

Enter the appropriate path you need. After that lick save button


are you getting the proper element? and proper window? its really strange, how are you using those activities?