Send HotKey - Infinity Scroll with interger loop - Issue : browser refresh during loop


I have a loop with an Integer variable incrementing each time until a certain number of time.
For each loop, it’s supposed to press “End” keyboard.

For some reason the browser (Chrome) is refreshing the page, therefore, the content gets back to the top of the list. When doing it manualy, it is perfectly working. I can scroll down 100 time and the page never refreshs.

I don’t understand why the page is refreshing during the loop.

Any idea ?

Is there an element you’re trying to scroll to or is it just meant to scroll until it hits 13. Maybe there is a different approach we can take rather then solving the refreshing issue. The only reason why I approach this instead of solving the refreshing is because it may be the site forcing you to refresh, the browser forcing you, or something to do with UiPath (Unlikely). There could be less troubleshooting and more stability if we know what goal your code is attempt to accomplish after scrolling.

I’m trying to scroll down to the end and I found a loop to idenfity the end as I don’t have any element to says to Uipath that this is the end.
What I don’t get it as if I do it manually I have no issue. I don’t understand why I have this with Uitpath.
The element down are a list of product on a webshop store.