Send hot keys ctrl+fn+b

Hi all,

I need to use hot keys “ctrl+fn+b” in my work flow. How can I achieve this with limited features available in ‘Send Hot Key’ activity?

I tried ‘type into’ activity using “[k(lctrl)][k(fn)][k(b)]”, and it keeps adding percentage sign(%) in the front like this, “%[k(lctrl)][k(fn)][k(b)]”. I am not sure why its adding the percentage sigh.

Bottom line is I need to pass “ctrl+fn+b” in my workflow. How can I achieve this?

the Function (Fn) key is mapped to hardware and cannot be used as Send Hotkeys.
In some cases an alternate key combination can be found and be used

Maybe you can give us some more details on the task. Thanks

Hi @ppr

I am trying to stop the Macro that’s running in the back ground. ctrl+fn+b is one of the methods to stop the macros based on my research.

Ok, thanks for feedback.
FN key is not available. Maybe CTRL+PAUSE can be used

hi @ppr

what do you mean by pause? any particular key you are talking about? I don’t see pause key on my keyboard.

Hi all,

anybody else who can pour in some ideas here please?

maybe in other locals it is the break key “[k(break)]”


Thank you. it worked.

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