Send Hot Keys Activity Usage on Production Bot?

Hey All,
Just a query should we use Send Hot Keys Activity on Production Bot ?

Gaurav Bhargava

Hi @gaurav_rpa

We can use it depends on the process workflow you are using

There wont be an issue in Orchestrator

Ashwin S

Sendhot key activities has many advantages
–especially when choosing sub menus with short keys…
–to choose any element or even open application in citrix
–to run a image based process in a robust way by navigating across the fields with send hot key activity
–as it can run in background as well, its quite easy to implement in unattended bots
–any kind of key combination can be attained with send hot key, that makes it more easy to work with
and many more

its purely based on the scenario…and ofcourse we can use SEND HOT KEY activity in productions bots as well

Cheers @gaurav_rpa

Thanks @Palaniyappan,
I am using this on Desktop Application in Citrix Environment.
Thanks For your Advice.

Gaurav Bhargava

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