Send hot key

Hi guys. How do I send hot key 3x times to press down key to get to correct option in drop down list?

hi @bobby,

If you are using drop down list, I’ll suggest use select item query :slight_smile:

More reliable then the hot key

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


That works and so much easier. Thanks man :slight_smile:

Hi @Shubham_Varshney - Can you please let me know how to write select item query.

@anmolk171 There is an activity called ‘Select Item’

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I’m trying to select Time frame “last 24 Hrs” from the drop down Menu. Have recorded, have given click image and set web attribute. Still not able to select 24hrs. Can you please help me? attached screen shot. Select item activity is not available for this drop down.


Anuradha P.

@anuradha_puligoti If select item activity doesnt work.

Another option is to use a do While loop - get text of the field (if it doesnt = Last 24 Hrs) send hotkey (down arrow). Then repeat (Make sure you add condition at end if get text = last get text then throw otherwise you get stuck in infinite loop)


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