Send Hot Key Problem with VMWare on PCoIP


I am having problem when I develop a bot to automate typing activity in VMWare with PCoIP option.

It seems Send Hotkey or Type Into is not working properly. E.g. Key Command ‘WIN’ does not work.

Previously we can automate a bot in VMWare with Microsoft RDP without any problem. But we have policy change that needs to use PCoIP for using VMWare.

Anybody have an idea to resolve this? Thank you.

Hi @issara_th

Use click activity where we can set the option as button right click and click on pcolp vmware


Hi @issara_th

Usually send hot key should work, it strange that it didn’t
Well we can still use click image Activity and computer vision Activities
Computer vision will surely work in this case, while take click image as last choice
For more info on this

Cheers @issara_th


To automate VMware application, UIpath developed some new activities. Please check below thread.

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