Send hot key for page down is not working

OK , this might have been already asked similar question . couple of more thread wit hsame questions are there. but still that does not help for me hence asking again.
this is a send hot key activity for page down .

firefox extension is working fine. my work flow enters data in to all the feilds of the same firefox portal. this page down is needed as the portal is quite large and need to scroll down to see some of the ui elements.
p.s : interestingly ,control + end (bottom of the page) is working as send hot key !! on the same selector.
selector : image

Make sure the firefox window is active and then use send hot key activity for page down.

Karthik Byggari

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hi @KarthikByggari like is said ,
its like the work flow is running , loging in it is entering value in 10 text boxes and then 5 drop downs by this time the page has to scroll down for 16th element , so the website is very much active. above all , note down my p.s the “control + end” hot key is working but page down is not working !!

Hi @karges,
supposes let us think that you have 10 text boxes need to fill and 5 drop down , if you want to use page down after filling 5th text box click on some header or text which does not make changes in web page then try page down send key as when you are filling text box that particular thing will be in active but while using page down or end key you need to activate whole web tab

I guess this solves your problem

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CLick somewhere on the page and use page down hot key activity.


The same thing i have also mentioned but in detailed :grinning:

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