Send exceptions as chat messages


Anyone considered an activity to send exceptions as chat messages?

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What is the benefit of this?

If target page stops working my robot sends me an email. Now I want it to send me text message to say Telegram or Skype if I am away from my desk.

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You did the task for that

I am also looking for a solution on this.
In a big organization there are all sorts of hurdles to overcome when you want to generate an SNMP alarm or open an interface to FTP a file.
Instead ‘Teams’ you can install on just about any windows machine, and IT tends to allow Teams access all over the place, so using MS Teams chats and file transfer is a good option for unattended robots to talk to first line teams and platform maintenance folks.
I very much hope UI develops a nice activity pack to talk to MS Teams (chats and files) and even to receive chats, so that the robot could respond with simple answers for pre-programmed questions.

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