Send Excel Repot based on data from another excel

Hi all,

im working on a process and completed the automation of around 50% of it, and I’m still struggling with the other 50 :slight_smile:

i’ve used Pivot Table to analyze excel data and then IF statement to to filter the selected criteria

the pivottable looks like something similar to the below:


From the above table, i want to send signal email to manager and attaching excel with list of employee names and the issue they have in their data:

  • Status NOT Equal to Approved.
  • Date is beyond 2021.
  • Value NOT Equal to 100.

The way i did it so far is that the robot will send individual email for every record that has an issue, but the way i want it is to generate another excel for every manager and list the employees in it and write the issue in his record in another column, e.g. in above image, manager 1 will recive an email with list of 2 employees, 1 is the value not equal to 100 and the other one date beyond 2021 & value not equal to 100.

i hope it’s clear and someone can help :slight_smile: much appreciated.


Hi @FLO94 ,

Logic :

  1. Using Filter Data Table activity, keep only those records for which you have to send email.

  2. Use Group By on manager so that you get all details related to single Manager.

Tagging @ppr for LINQ & to guide you further.

for grouping the data hava a look here:

grouping key would be the value from the manage email column

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thank you

Thank you, can this be achieved in StudioX??

@FLO94 - Have you tried the approach suggested in your previous post? Was that helpful??