Send encrypted only emails

Is it possible to send encrypted only emails to share logon password with Manager?

@reda : Any inputs on this topic?

Hi Sonal,
Can you please share little more detail on the topic please. What exactly is the requirement?

@devyani_sharma : Sure Devyani.

1)Open Outlook, create new email.
2)Go To Options → Click Encrypt-Only


Hey @Sonalk u can use encrypt text activity in UiPath.Cryptography.Activities packages to secure the password and and send it in mail.

Hi @Tushar_Karkera : I am already using encrypt/decrypt text activity for logon password.

How Line Manager can access first logon password from that email?

We can’t share encrypt/decrypt key with Line Managers to extract login password.

May be I misunderstood your solution. Could you please elaborate it more?

Hey @Sonalk I thought u could share encrypt/decrypt keys with Line Manager. :sweat_smile:

Hi @Sonalk,

May be you can try below approach,

  1. Use encrypt file activity
  2. and send

On other end, have attended process deployed which does following:

  1. Decrypt file and show contents

So managers only run attended process which will internally decrypt. No need to explicitly share keys/pwd.


@sonaliaggarwal47 : Thanks Sonali for your inputs.

This is actually user onboarding process so It would be actually tough for us to deploy attended process for unknown Managers (on boarding request could come from x departments) - To run and decrypt password.

I’ve tried and unable to find any UiPath activity to enable this feature.

Hi @Sonalk,

Is it possible to explain the process flow/requirement in steps you are trying to achieve so we can help you better with this?


Sure Sonali.

Below are the details

  1. Managers initiate new user onboarding
  2. Extract new user details
  3. Create new user in AD, Exchange mail box
  4. Assign licenses
  5. Share username and credentials (in encrypt) with Managers.
  6. Repeat same steps for another users.

Hi @Sonalk,

Thank you for details.

So in this case, if you encrypt the username/pwd which step do you expect it to et decrypt?

After step5, when managers have shared that email with the required user, that user only should know the logon details right?


@sonaliaggarwal47 : In step 5, Managers will decrypt the first time logon password and share with his/her new joiners.

@sonaliaggarwal47 : This feature is available in Outlook.

I am not sure whether we have any customised activity available in Exchange or Outlook.

If there is no option then I will go for UI automation.

@hacky : how did you solve this issue. Any inputs ??