Send Email Error

Hi All,

I try to send the attachment via email

I using the Send SMTP Mail Message activity but i got this error i do not know what is the error:

Send SMTP Mail Message: An error occurred while attempting to establish an SSL or TLS connection.

The SSL certificate presented by the server is not trusted by the system for one or more of the following reasons:
1. The server is using a self-signed certificate which cannot be verified.
2. The local system is missing a Root or Intermediate certificate needed to verify the server's certificate.
3. The certificate presented by the server is expired or invalid.

See for possible solutions.

I am using the gmail

This is the port number : 587

can any one help me to solve this error

Thank you

were you able to solve this problem experiencing the same problem

I used port 587 and disable my antivirus and it worked.
Hope this will help.

I have solve it , Thanks