Send email by Gmail with Multi Senders

How can I auto choose multi senders by Studio X Gmail? I want to send emails from many Gmail accounts.

  1. install Packages image
  2. Send Email
  3. To format :,,

I using Studio X and I can’t install your packages

Hi @Thanh_Xuan_Nguyen,

I don’t know if I understood you correctly, but what you want to do is in one process send email from different email accounts (using Gmail)?

If this is the case, one approach could be to connect all those accounts in StudioX and then use one Use Gmail card for each mailbox. It’s not the best approach, but maybe it works for you.

It would look something like this, where you can see that I am using two different email accounts. You can do the same but with Gmail instead of Outlook, I didn’t have multiple Gmail accounts to make an example.

Thanks @nerlichman But I need auto send from 10.000 Gmail accounts