Send Email Based on keyword/content

hello, i already made an exercise regarding to email. My next step is from that email in the excel (xml), then based on keyword in the content of email (body), then we can send to a person who that is assign in that job
pls give me a workflow in order as a reference if i have a wrong step. Thank you in advance!

Kindly elaborate a bit more on this process so that we could go in a right direction to solve this
Like from where we need to validate and where we to check and send mail

Cheers @f39b242a4f84ba555bd3

Hi @f39b242a4f84ba555bd3

Use read range activity
Use for each row in datatable
If row(“body”). ToString.contains(“manager of store”)

Send Outlook mail message activity with subject and email


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This is the excel file. From the spreadsheet (Email Received)
It will filter to another spreadsheet following the keyword that people who will assign and the UiPath will directly send the email. I already finish half of it, for the filtering keyword might have a problem which the they are not transferring at all the row based on my previous exercise

Thank you.
sort the table.xlsx (13.5 KB)

Thank you, already done this but got a problem. This might help others