Send Email Activity shares the same Editor when used multiple times in same Project

Hi all

The “Send Email” Activity (UiPath.Mail.Activities.Business.SendMailX) makes it a lot easier to design and send complex mails, which is great and helpful. The activity is used within the necessary “Use Desktop Outlook App” Scope (UiPath.Mail.Activities.Business.OutlookApplicationCard), which facilitates configuration, but also allows to use dynamic content in the “Account” property. (Even though the account property does not have an Advanced Editor/Expression Editor yet, you can also use Variables or Config-Values etc. - however, this is not the main substance of this Feedback.)

There is an issue to be reported when using the activity multiple times in a project. If you intend to utilise the activity i.e. two times (1 - HappyPathMail / 2 - ExceptionAlert), the activities must be added to the workflow individually. If you copy your first set of activities to re-use most of the properties instead, the activities share the same “Editor”. Consequently, you overwrite the Editor’s content of the first email and might accidentally send wrong email content.

The “Editor” remains linked also if you copy and paste the activities to a different workflow file within the same project (i.e. to invoke specific sequence). The “Editor” is not linked to completely different UiPath Studio Projects (when copied i.e. from Project 1 to Project 2). However, the editor’s content in the target project is derived from already existing “Send Email” activities within this project in this scenario.

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