Send custom emails by ID (community edition)

Noob here, using Stuidio-x Community edition for Windows. I’m trying to create an automation that creates individualized emails within a web browser and populates each To line with a different email address currently saved in an Excel list. (I don’t have access to the SMTP address.)

Question 1: I assume I need to build a For loop to compose each email. But which specific Action should I use? I see a For Each Email action, but I think that acts on existing email messages only, not new ones. Do I need to use the Web Recorder for this?
Question 2: I think I need a separate For loop, such as Excel For Each Row, nested inside the first to get each email address from the list and print it into the To line, right? If so, I assume I need to save the column of addresses as a “Resource” in my Data Manager, but how do I do that? I don’t see an option to select that column and “save for later”. Alternatively, I’ve tried using a Project Notebook instead of my own Excel file, but when I try to select my column of interest, it only lets me indicate a single value. How can I tell uipath to read/store the whole column as a variable for later use?

Thank you!

Hy @unipsychologist,

What kind of email are you trying to interact. Could you show some screenshots?


Yes, it’s a point-and-click web-based account.Capture1

image 2

Hy @unipsychologist,

UiPath will not see this email:

To get email data use the ‘Data Scrapping’ methods, it will populate a datatable and you call view each record with a for each data row loop. See what data can you get.

Check the link for more info:


So, I’m not trying to read data from my emails, I’m trying to compose emails. I’ve already successfully composed a single email by writing a single Excel value into the To line. The issue is how to repeat that cycle. Should I be able to do that using the Excel For Each Row action?
Many thanks.

Hy @unipsychologist,

Yes you can do that, you have to create an excel file with all your data,

  • Use Read range activity to populate a data table
  • Run a for each data row, fill in all your variables
  • Create an email (I suggest a diferent Workflow)
  • Repeat the process once all rows are processed.

You are very close!


Helpful! But I’m not seeing a “Read range” activity. Only:
Read CSV
Read Text
Read Text file

I see how I can manage activity packages, but I don’t see “read range” there either. Is it part of a larger bundle or something?

Hy @unipsychologist,

Make sure you have the excel package installed:


This is how it works:


Can you try it again?

you ar indicating activities from Studio, he is using StudioX

you can use typeinto activity to take information from an excel file or doc file to type into the web app.

you can have:
for each row in excel
type into → what to type : current row

hope it helps. let me know

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My bad, sorry :frowning: