Send Control Key is not working in Invoke WorkFlow Activity - IBM Communicator



HI Folks,

When I am making separate workflow , send hot key is not working.
If I use this in same sequence it6s working for IBM Communicator.

Could you please help to resolve the problem .




Try attaching the window or the web page before sending the hotkey.

Because the bot doesn’t know where to send the hotkey

Thanks and Regards


Hi Raguvarthan, Thanks for your prompt reply.
I tried, no luck using attach window.

Actually the thing is, I am trying to make a custom activity using existing activities of UiPath.
For Sign In and Sign Out in IBM communicator.
One approach I tried using Invoke Workflow Activity, but UiPath is not able to invoke it in Terminal Session activity of IBM Communicator in its scope.

Could you please share if you have any other approach to do this ?
Please feel free to put your queries, if you don’t get requirement.


Ganesh A.