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i want to send one file as attachment by mail using Outlook send mail
the attachment option cant let me put the path its required var as ienumerable and this var contains all files in folder and i want a specific file to sent by giving the path

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Hi @Yazan_Otaibi ,
You can assign url file path to String eg: strFile
In send mail with attachment , you type strFile


Add Attachments to IEnumerable of String:

Assign: attachments = {“C:\Path\To\file1.txt”, “C:\Path\To\file2.pdf”}

In this example, the attachments variable holds a collection of file paths (strings), which are then passed to the “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity as attachments. This allows you to attach specific files to the email without needing to attach all files from a folder.

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Can you try to input as the following? (Please surround it by { }


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hi @Yazan_Otaibi

provide it a variable and you can pass it or directly you can pass the path of the file

Hello @Yazan_Otaibi ,
You can Find the Attach Files option in the send Outlook Mail Activity, , In which you can Pass the path of the file that you want to send as In argument with the Type as String.
You can find the Screenshot below:

Please let me know if you have any Queries.

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@Yoichi ,
thanks bro;;

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