Sell uipath bots 2022

How is it going to sell the robots to other companies since it is no longer possible to create an executable?
Is there any legal way to sell my automations without being plagiarized?

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Hi @Joao_Paulo_Araujo, can you expand on your question a little?

For reference you can always publish a process locally (i.e. not directly to orchestrator) by choosing the custom option when publishing and giving a local filepath to publish to:

Then you can give the published package to someone for onward use, and they can manually add the package to their orchestrator.

That said its always easy enough to discover what the package contains though as any process which has been installed on a computer will have a copy of all the underlying files stored in the folder - C>users>[username]>.nuget>packages>[processname]>[version]>lib>net45

See below example for process called NotepadTest which I have installed on my machine:

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For example, I work for an accounting company and I do automation, this automation I did could be commercialized to other accounting companies, but with open source my code could be easily copied. Would there be any way to encrypt or make a closed code?

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Most likely your accounting company owns the right to the code.
As far as I know there are no official/sanctioned ways to accomplish what you are asking.

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Making exe file is not an option atleast for now, Maybe we have to wait UiPath to make that change


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