Self-Hosted Agent in Azure Devops for UiPath CI/CD Pipeline

How to configure self-hosted agent in Azure Devops for UiPath CI/CD pipeline?

Self hosted agents are mandatory in case of creating pipeline to deploy the automation in On-Premise orchestrator.

  • Steps to configure-
  1. Create a self-hosted Agent Pool in the Devops organisation.
  • Go to Azure devops and select the Organization in which you want to host the agent pool -> Open the Organization settings
  • From Organization settings -> Pipeline -> Select the Agent Pools -> Click on Add pool
  • Fill the details-> Pool type should be Self-hosted -> Click on Create
  • Open the newly created Agent and go to Agent section-> Click on New Agent
  • Check the system requirements and follow the steps mentioned in the given link to get the Access token -> Download the Agent
  1. Configure the Agent in the windows server
  • Copy the downloaded agent in the server which needs to be configured as host
  • Extract the same and run the below commands using the Agent name and access token created in the above steps and

Once the Agent is started successfully, it should be possible to see the Agent in the Devops Agent Pool and select it in the pipeline.