Self Healing BOT

Is there a way we can develop self healing bot in UiPath for changing UI for web application?
If yes, how we can achieve that .


You could try using fussy selectors.
Take a look at this thread:
Auto healing feature by getting all possible reliable selectors - Feedback / Activities - UiPath Community Forum

Adjust your selectors to use more reliable elements.

Use JavaScript code execution instead of clicking items.

Since you’re talking about UI web automations, would suggest adding a try catch on the entire process and add a screenshot to send you the image of the site to view what made it throw an error.


As of now there is jo in built feature as self healing in UiPath

  1. Use fuzzy selector or strict selector with very less and more reliable attributes only
  2. If it is rapidly changing then try using cv selectors which can be little more reliable incase of rapid changing backend