Self-contained UiExplorer with no installation for process evaluation purposes

Is there a definite answer? Is it allowed to use “Portable” UiExporer for process evaluation purposes? Our use case is to evaluate if UiPath can access selectors of one custom system we’re going to automate.

Maybe @ovi can provide some more insights.

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Aaaand? We’re really curious. That would really ease our work so we do find it important. :slight_smile:


Hi, any news on this question?

Any news on this one?

What if we open this use-case for community edition? It is portable and after unpacking you may run UiExplorer.

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Sure, but then we’re still an enterprise as well as our customers so as far as I know we’re not allowed to use community edition for any purposes? Would this one case be excluded from this rule?

The solution outlined by my collegue MMC is great. But I think at this point UiPath really should consider releasing a standalone version that can be used by community and enterprise as a proper solution to this issue.

There is clearly still intrest in having this tool


We’re looking forward on this one.

Happy new year! :slight_smile: perhaps with new year, new decisions came about how to proceed with this idea?

I dont see how this would really work, as those selectors would need a lot of times to be used along with other components, like extensions to be installed locally…

Fair point, this means that we rather need a changed license agreement on community edition or more advanced standalone tool. Maybe this use case was already included by now @badita?

@gheorghestan I think in the we’ve decided to make a portable UiExplorer version with a separate setup.


@badita, that is correct. We will release a standalone version of UiExplorer. There will be no setup required, just a batch file that can be launched from anywhere e.g flash driver.


Great news, when we can expect the release?


An ETA would be nice :slight_smile:

When will it be released?

April 2020


Any updates on this? Thanks

Hi all. The UIExplorer is available as a standalone tool. You can download it from the Cloud portal, under Resource Center/Other Products section. Enjoy!