Self-contained UiExplorer with no installation for process evaluation purposes



Hi all,

As we all know it’s sometimes hard to convince customers to make a commitment (f.e. involve IT) without knowing first that they will for sure get the benefit.
On the other hand, it might be difficult to properly assess workload for a project without knowing how the interaction will look like from robot perspective.
Obviously, best case scenario is to check with full Studio and do a PoC, but that’s not always feasible.

With above in mind - would it be possible to extract UiExplorer as a no-installation .exe for these kind of situations?
We could then just have it on a USB/Google Drive/Sharepoint/wherever and check how the robot will see the application straight up during assessment workshop (or equivalent).

This could save a lot of headache in situations where the process is clear and on the surface looks like a simple automation project, but becomes a pain as the application is just one big blob (or has UI structure straight from hell) and you need to build layers of workarounds to do basic stuff.

If redistribution is a concern I think most of serious companies would be fine with having a “watermarked” version, non-redistribute clauses etc. as long as it would allow as a peek of how the actual development will go without needing customer to commit resources beforehand (which in some cases can take a lot of time due to procedures for 3rd party installations etc.).



Bumping this as we also need this.

Installing UiExplorer is often needed to asses how long time a project will take, and sometimes to just see if the project is even possible to do

Having UiExplorer as described above, or even have it as a normal (standalone) installer without licence requirements would save a lot of time and headaches.

Besides what @andrzej.kniola wrote above, we also need it to see if workflows work on WIN 10 AND 7 at the same time.
We have both in production, but only WIN 10 dev machines :frowning:


Very useful, this will help a lot.

I was having discussion today morning that it will be useful to have a enhanced version of recorder outside Studio as well. This enhanced version of recorder should be able to
a) Create a video of whole process
b) Capture selectors if available
c) Capture images if selectors are not available
d) Create a recording (i.e. UiPath code) of whole process