Selenium python code in uipath run python code activity

Hi everyone,

I have tried selenium code written in python which i tried to run thru python activity in uipath.
so selenium code consists of invoke chrome browser and login to acme application.
On trying thru run python code activity , it is getting executed in 3 seconds but could not see any browser being invoked.

if anyone tried this or can help on this are highly appreciated…thanks

Welcome back to uipath community
were able to open the browser when the code is run manually without uipath
kindly check that once pls

we can try one more method
instead of using python activity we can run that xaml with a .bat file
which will run the code


Hi Palaniyappan,

yes its a working code without uipath.
I just tried same code thru uipath but its not working as expected…

and regarding bat file can u explain how we can do that?


In the bat file
“your python exe filepath” “your py file”
And mention this in a notepad and save as .bat file

Then inside the studio use a START PROCESS activity where pass the filepath of this bat file as input to Filename property so that it will open this bat file and which in turn will execute the python code

Cheers @ashok_n

Any update to this? Did anyone figure this out? I am trying to work with Python and Selenium as well. But not understanding how to use it with the Python activities at the moment. Is C# automation more ideal?