Selectors work in Studio not in Orchestrator

Hopefully someone can help because I am about to lose my mind. I am having issues with a selector on a pop up window on IE to save a file. My selector is as follows. When I run in Studio, it selects the drop down error which then selects the Save As function. However, when I test it in the Orchestrator, it can’t find the drop down button. Thanks all for your help!

Hey. Sorry noone has answered you yet.

Best way to figure out those “hair-pulling” times is place a TakeScreenshot and Save Image before the problem. This will help identify what is going on in the backscreen.

Typically, it’s a screen size issue. This would be resolved in Orchestrator’s Robot settings for each Robot, by editing and changing the resolution to the same as what you use while developing (ie 1920 width 1080 height 32 color depth).


Noticed the change in file name… Suggest to try with wildcard * or ? maybe abe to handle it.
One another try is to add a few “delay before” click these control as sometime it help.