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First post on the Forum, I recently began my journey as an RPA developer and I am working with a client to automate some of their business processes.

I currently have Studio installed on my local machine where I am developing the workflow.

I have the UiPath Remote Runtime installed on a machine that I RDP into supplied by the client so that fields in the RDP are “seen” and can be selected by Studio on my local machine.

After design of the workflow (attended bot), I plan on delivering this solution to the client and setting up unattended bots on their server.

My question is this: will development on my local machine while using RDP negatively effect selectors when the workflow is run from a server environment? What best practices are there when attempting such a development? Will adjustments to selectors be needed?

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Well it’s a good practice to always set the selector robust regardless of where we are going to run the process

If the place where we are going to run I.e if the application is same with which we are going to run the process then we don’t need to worry upon the selector
But still sometimes attributes in selector might come across dynamic values
We need to manage them regardless of this issue as it is a good practice of bot development

So to replace them and let the selector attributes to take any dynamic value then use wild cards *

Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @sean.finn

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