Selectors save options

I am automating the Linked in site, I am trying to click on the Easy Apply, if there is a easy apply i have to click on the Easy apply other wise close the application.
I am facing the selectors problem,

@aman_sheik please help

Hi @jyothi_M.B

May I know what’s the problem that you are facing with this? Are you running into an error? Or are you having problems in getting it developed?

Little bit more info can be helpful in figuring out a way to help you :slight_smile:

HI @Lahiru.Fernando,

I am facing selector problem,
as above i shared the screenshoot, in linkedin website, if save option is there means i have to look for apply and easy apply option.
If Easy apply option is there means i have to click on the Easy Apply.
I am able to recognize the save button with selector and easy apply too.
Please help me out with save option selector.

Thanks in Advice


Try this oneLinkedin_EasyApply.xaml (7.8 KB)

Here i given some delay, due to my internet connectivity(If dont want you can remove delay activity)

hope this helps!!!

Aman Sheik

Main (3).xaml (84.2 KB)

1)First I have to login to linked In profile.
2)Search for job and location by clicking the Job option
3)I have given RPA developer.
4)Scrape the data for the result.
5)Open Each job
6)Search for save Botton
7)If save button is not there means its Already Applied.
8)If save Button is there means again search for Apply, Easy Apply.
9)If Easy Apply exists means Click on the easy apply butto.
10)Apply button means just read the apply text and close the Tab

@jyothi_M.B use element exists activity for save gives you output as Boolean value.
-use if condition and give the above Boolean value.
-if it finds it goes into then section there use a again element exists for easy apply.
-use if condition and pass above Boolean if it finds that element it goes to then section there use click activity.if it not finds it goes for else part.

Thanks for your reply,
Yes I have tried,
But the thing is the title will change for every job,
Even i have used wild cards it will work for some job .
Again it will not recognize the save button.

@jyothi_M.B does the title is same as you’ve scraped before.if yes then in the title place replace the value with the variable of title.

I have to iterate through each job and then check the save option button.
Yes the scraping has to be done before,
its having the one another element ( | ), which cant able to alter the selector