Selectors not working in multiple users - Google Chrome


I need to open many pages in chrome and each page must have different user.

the issue is the selectors working only in the first user page lunched, and the other selectors is not worked.

For example, if I open User1 in Chrome then the User2. selectors will work in the User1 but not working in the other one. and if if I open User2 in Chrome then the User1. selectors will work in the User2 but not working in the other one .

Thank You

Can u post the selector u are using?

Hi @malak_s,

When you open chrome window (not a tab), every window will have a dedicated user attached.

I need to open many pages in chrome

do you mean tabs? If so, then it is not possible. All tabs opened in a particular chrome window will have the same chrome user profile.

But if you open a new chrome window each time then you can specify which user profile you want to open chrome with. I think you might want to check answer from @Pablito to do this: How to open particular chrome user profile? - #6

Hope it helps!

the issue is not with selector, it’s appear like that extension is not enabled while it’s already enabled and if I open one window for one profile it will work fine


Thank you, I use multiple windows and I already opened it using studio. but as I said, I only can use the selectors in one of the opened windows. And I need to navigate between each window since I will use same website and log-in to website with different accounts , because of that I can’t use tabs since I will be logged out in order to log-in to other account