Selectors not working for this web page

Hey Guys,

In this page

selectors not working properly , i tried with attach window also but selectors slipping and not working , this webpage have api option also but i dont know how to do that

in below screen shots are the values i have to extract from this webpage

please help me guys with ur valuable knowledge


Hey @Shoebmd

You can show us the selectors please.

This will help us understand if the selectors not reliable or is it malformed.

One more thing, the best approach will be always API followed by UI in the priority list.


what are the values you need to extract from this page? @Shoebmd

Hi @Shoebmd,

Have you tried using datascraping? Also, if there is an api, I would definitely recommend you to use it.


Hello @Shoebmd

Do you want to fetch all these values in the webpage. have tried Table Extraction and able to fetch all the details based on the pattern based extraction.
You can extract as datatable and using that you can write to an excel.

If the requirement is something different please share the values that you need to extract and the output which you are expecting.


i tried data scraping but when iam changing website name in this webpage its not picking dynamic values, and u found correct api page as u attached i want the values present in that picture only can u please tell the api process

if selectors not working properly please try with image automation


Please check the attached flow. (455.4 KB)

Thanks brother
But it is not working when we change web page input

If we change url name in pagespeed insights webpage then its not picking new values , iam stuck in this please help

Can you share the screenshot here. I think if you go with Table extraction it will pick all the values based on the pattern extraction.

its not showing error , as u designed the workflow
its executing successfully but its not picking new value,
In your workflow change the url name in search bar of pagespeed insights
This time take (
and see its not taking new values from screen

Hey @Shoebmd

That will differe. If you want to do automation for different url then you have to create separte extractions.

Table extraction is working on the pattern based or by identifying the table. For each page it will change.

But if the requirement is like: You need to open amazon->search for some product->fetch all the details.
This will work even if you search for different products.

But if you are using and, then you have to create separate flow for both.

But brother,

Iam using same website in that iam changing data
Here in pagespeed insights the url we are changing but page speed insights is same as it is

@Shoebmd No it will work for all the urls which you are passing. You can use the attached flow

In the Type Into INUPT c16 activity you can change the url and verify. I already tested with google and facebook and its working as expected.

image (852.6 KB)

its not working for me , can u please make it in classic activities and send me please

@Shoebmd If you are creating a new script, then suggesting to go with the modern activities.