Selectors not working at run time but working while highlighting the element

Hi All

I am working on a web page. The selector for a search box is properly highlighting when we check through the highlight button every time. But the same is throwing Selector Not Recognized exception while running the code.
Previously it used to work but now suddenly giving this exception.

What could be its possible solution ? Kindly help.

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@kkp - if its a random failure - could be due to page slow response.
You can try
1 Add - ElementExists (with textbox selector) -> True block -> Perform your search actions…
2 Textbox property -> Change - WaitForReady -> Complete

Thanks @GBK !

But there is no slowness in the page element is available and also the timeout property is blank, so it has sufficient time to wait.

@kkp -default timeout is 30sec for activities.
Can you share the screenshot of selector and properties of typeinto

One more thing just to correct. The element is a search icon. Upon click of the icon the search box appears. So now its not clicking on the icon in the run time.

Please check the screenshots. Basically its a Click activity on that search icon.

ser box

ele ser icon

sel ser

@kkp - basically - idx & parentid’s will not work as expected. you can edit selector in uiexplorer --> add ‘indicate anchor’ to the search icon ( try to avoid the idx and parentid values.)

Not working @GBK. Its not clicking on the search icon. Selector is highlighting, icon is appearing on the screen properly but at run time not sure why its not clicking.

Make sure you do not have another browser or page open with similar selector.