Selectors not allowing to edit


i need put double quotes and add variable,but its not allowing to edit …first line is retricted .How to edit

Hi @rohanjs94

Have you tried using it in ui explorer


Because you are trying to edit directly in the UIExplorer.
You can’t edit directly in the UIExplorer. It is expected behaviour.

In the properties of the activity, click the dots next to the selector, and type the selector string in the double quotes. Type everything in the single line.

Edit: Expand Target and edit selector.

Karthik Byggari

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for click activity there is no option of properties to pass code…let me in brefly if iam wrong


In ui explorer itself its not allowing to allow to edit first line

Click target, then you will see “Selector”. You can copy that selector in a notepad and edit it manually. Then you can paste it back again Once finished.



i got it .its working fine,thanks alot

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Hi rohan, I am also facing same problem… please share how you have done that?? first line of selector is not editable please share how you resolved the problem… thanks

Hi sumit

click + in target u will find selectors…there ui explorer is enabled