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how can I get the total pages number ( 10 in this case ) every time i change the search query ?

Hi @yasser_el_shrief

While inspecting the element in uiexplorer
U will get a property as aaname make the aaname as *
So u ll get the exact count of pages


already tried that and it’s not working correctly.

Can you share the selector pls


Hey remove parent I’d and tag and keep aaname


Won’t validate

Hi @yasser_el_shrief ,

You try in Ui Explorer and can select the selector as shown below.

“webctrl id=‘xjs’ tag=‘SPAN’ innertext=‘Page navigation*Next’ /”

not working, I want the last page number right before “next” word.

Hi @yasser_el_shrief ,

There are 2 ways you can find it.

As per the above selector you will get the value like "“Page navigation12345678910Next”

From this extract only digits with regex

Now you will get 12345678910

Now check for the count of integers…if the last digit is 0 then consider last and last-1.

And other way is, if you see the pagination selector in Ui Explorer you can see all the pagination numbers are assigned to colName

“webctrl aaname=‘*’ parentid=‘xjs’ tag=‘A’ colName=‘10’ /”

If you take this you will get the last number easily.

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Hi @yasser_el_shrief ,

Find the attached sample workflow for you.
google.xaml (10.6 KB)

Hi @yasser_el_shrief ,

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