Selectors in UiPath

Hi guys!

I am a question for y’all. We are currently working on a robot that interacts with SAP. The problem is that for whatever reason, when changing the environment from configuration to production, the selectors UiPath created to interact with SAP change, even though the actions and the application are identical.

Hence, the question is as follows:

How does UiPath create the selectors when working with SAP? If UiPath is using pixel coordinates, URL or CSS styling when creating selectors for web interaction, what is UiPath using when interacting with SAP?

Thank you so much for your time, looking forward to hearing from you all! :slight_smile:

Hi @ignachodgn

Could you give an example of the difference between the selectors (screenshots of same element’s selectors in both environments)?

It would help a lot.

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So the element we are working on as an example is on the top left corner of this image:

Depending on the environment (integration or production) the selector for that exact element differs:



The actions and versions are supposedly the same. However, the selectors turn out different, so we were wondering how UiPath creates these selectors, in order to fully understand the problem. Hope the example helps.