Selectors giving sometimes error while executing from Orchestrtor and not giving error while executing from VM

I have process executing everyday on VM which is using Shopify Website. At some point it is giving error when running from Orchestrators and when I run from Virtual Machine it is not giving any error.

I am not understanding this. Can someone help to troubleshoot those.

Thank you


Checkout this thread


Are you (or other people) logging into the VM with the same credentials that the robot is using? When you log into a VM, you can’t just close the RDP window - you have to SIGN OUT from the start menu. So now log into the VM with the same credentials as the robot, then SIGN OUT. Now try running your job.

This looks like some issues with the machine itself and/or Robot settings.

I normally solve it this way:

1- Go to Robot settings, in Orchestrator, and leave them like the image below:

  • This will tell the bot to connect to the machine correctly. My assumption is that you’re inheriting a session not closed correctly.

2- Just to make sure, login to the machine, with the same username and password that the unattended bot is using, and sign out (this will close any previous session open if there was any)

Super important, Sign out, not disconnect or close

Once this 2 steps are done, restart an execution from Orchestrator and see if it fixed your problem.

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Ignasi Peiris

I am not closing the RDP Window just sometimes it’s got disconnected cause of internet issue.

I will try that out. But every time I have to logged out the session before executing the job ? Actually I am opening the VM everyday @8:00 AM and just leave as it is after 5:00PM.
Do you think this is something causing the issue?

I’m 99% confident that’s the problem. Since the session is already open, the bot acts as if it was attended, and not unattended even the trigger comes from Orchestrator.

Ideally, Unattended bots should have their own machines, with minimal human interaction on them, since this kind of errors can appear.

So as a rule of thumb - If a machine is being used by an unattended bot, access it (with the bot account) as minimum as possible, and always make sure to sign out, otherwise the bot might fail on User Interaction actions.

Ok, Thanks for explaining.

I’ve noticed on weekends when I am 99% not opening the computers and VM’s so that time also it fails few times and executes correctly sometimes.

So, in this case , is it because of I did not logged out correctly is the reason ?

Same thing. You must SIGN OUT.

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ok. Thanks for Reply.

@postwick @ignasi.peiris @Sudharsan_Ka
When I am doing the sign out from VM, My bot which uses Email sent activity is not sending an email . IF I logged in an open Outlook, then it is going to send an email.

What should I do in this case ?

This normally depends on the outlook itself - might be that the message is left on the outbox, and the bot disconnects before the mail has been sent.

Solutions here:

  • Add a delay to make sure it gets sent right after the Send outlook mail activity
  • Change to SMTP or Exchange if possible

I’d give a try on this solutions!

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Use Send SMTP Email. Simpler, more reliable, no Outlook needed. Either way, you are not supposed to be logging into the VM and then disconnecting. You must sign out completely. Orchestrator makes its own RDP connection to the VM, and by signing in manually you are interfering with this. They’re called unattended for a reason. No human involvement.

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Actually I had logged out completely from VM before this robot is start, After few hours I wait and still it did not sent an email. So, I noticed that When I logged in and opened Outlook , then it sent email. Otherwise It doesn’t sent email for hours .

I can try Exchange. I don’t know about SMTP, as I did not used that, What are the properties need to be entered on SMTP ?

Sure, Will try that and thank you for providing some detail.