Selectors gets failed

hello guys
I am making control in crm application in mozilla as well in chrome browser
it works for 2 3 times after that it gives exception “selector not found”
10-18-2018%207-46-27%20AM 10-18-2018%207-48-18%20AM

Is it possible for you to get the selector for the above when it fails to see if there is any thing that changes?

One way you can do this to stabilize it is use anchor activity.
Use find element for the anchor, and the output UiElement you will get you can pass to the activity you are using so that the click happens always with a stable selector

But I suggest first check point 1 to understand the inconsistency

no there is no change
it works something and sometimes not
is there anything like id or something i need to take take ??

For that you need to use UiExplorer to add the id for the div element

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Hey Arjun,

try to remove title, if not solved then
you can do one thing
1> Goto edit selector>open with Ui explorer>GO to Visual tree and select your required UI element from there

see how I have selected combo box from visual tree
for your reference I have enclosed screen shot!


please refer this thread