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Having an issue with my selector in trying to get my transaction id to check for more pages. Unfortunately, my data is in separate pages that are defined by a drop-down and not in a page number list.
I need to modify my selector to reference the rel=“row-1” where 1 will be my in_transactionNumber.ToString

Also, I don’t know if I can remove the webctrl aaname, as each one will be different than the rest.

Any help on this would be amazing. Thank you advance, as always!

Your fellow BotMonkey

Did we try this using a variable in selector
And instead of removing the aaname attribute we can replace it with a wild card to be simple as it would accept any value
But if we are trying to click on to the strings in the list then we can pass that as value with a variable again in the selector
—use find children activity and get the uielement collection for that drop down element by choosing Find Descendants option in the scope property of property Panel
—pass the above obtained variable from find children as input to for each activity and inside the loop use a get attribute activity
—pass the variable item as input to element property in get attribute activity and get the attribute value of “aaname” with a string variable which we can pass as variable in the selector

Cheers @BotMonkey

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That did it, thanks!

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