Selectors for Desktop Applications

Hello All,

Am using windows calculator app to type a single digit number dynamically using a transactionItem data. how can i modify the selector, the following doesn’t seem to work (the idx attribute)

<uia cls='LandmarkTarget' />
<uia automationid='NumberPad' cls='NamedContainerAutomationPeer' name='Number pad' />
<uia automationid='num*Button' cls='Button' idx=' "+ in_Num1 +" ' />

Any suggestions ?

Thank you

the last part can be like that:
uia automationid=‘num"+myint.ToString+"Button’ cls=‘Button’ name=’*’

Hi @Hara_Gopal,

How are you incrementing this --> in_Num1
Is this in_Num1 a variable int ?
If you just need a digit why do you need to change idx ?
Can i now what calculator app are you using ?

Just trying to help.

Hello Luis,

The in_Num1 is incremented in the REFramework when the control moves to the next transaction item. Yes in_Num1 is a variable int and i converted it to string when i used it in the selector. the calculator app is the default windows calculator


spaces. ur idx is now idx = ’ 1 ’ and not ‘1’.